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And To Opt For Hairstyles That Add

After shampooing and deep conditioning, do not forget to apply a hair serum. Hair serum enhances the look of your hair, and will disentangle those hair strands due to split ends and dryness. Just remember, hair serum should never be applied to the scalp, but only to the hair. Do not forget to wash away the serum before hitting the bed in the night.
Around June 2003 some other friends convinced me to take out my locs. Yes, my hair was loc'd fully and it took 3 people two weeks to comb them all out. I found myself with a huge curly fro that I had no clue how to manage. Two days later, I walked into a random beauty salon and asked for a relaxer. The beautician insisted on using a lye based relaxer because he said my hair wouldn't take otherwise. Having no clue about relaxers, I let him.
The Best Length for Fine Hair:The best length for fine hair is short to medium.Fine hair is very prone to knots and fly-away strands and naturally lacks volume so anything longer than your shoulders is going to really hit you hard when it comes to styling.We recommend taking your hair to a length that is as short as you are comfortable and confident with, and to opt for hairstyles that add volume and promote the illusion of thickness.
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